Military Police & Law Enforcement Expo
2017 Expo Photo

About the Expo

This event attracts attendees from all three Regiments stationed at Fort Leonard Wood (Military Police, Chemical, and Engineer), Emergency Services, and Force Protection as well as personnel from the Capability Development and Integration Directorate (CDID).

About MPRA

The Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) is a non-profit association that exists to provide a variety of services and assistance to Military Police Soldiers and their families around the world. Members of the MPRA include Active Duty, National Guard, Army Reserve and Retired Soldiers. Industry participation in the Expo directly benefits the MPRA. Your support to this annual event allows the the MPRA continue the mission of supporting our Soldiers and their families through our various programs. To learn more please visit

Corporate Opportunities

The Expo will provide opportunity for vendors to showcase their products and services to Military Police Soldiers, senior leaders and key decision makers. This event is an excellent forum to reach all three Regiments (Military Police, Chemical, and Engineer), Emergency Services, and Force Protection. Also in attendance will be the personnel from the Capability Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) as well as invited civilian law enforcement and Chiefs of Police. For more details of how your company can participate, visit the 2018 Sales Prospectus.

U.S. Army Military Police, to include the Criminal Investigation Command, is responsible for providing installation law enforcement and investigation of crimes involving U.S. Army personnel and property. Our Military Police Soldiers conduct policing functions such as area patrol, physical security, site security, and investigation of low level crime such as shoplifting, traffic violations, physical assaults and domestic violence. The Criminal Investigation Command (CID) is responsible for investigating felony crimes involving all sex based offenses, illicit drug use and distribution, death, and contracting fraud. These responsibilities require our military police and CID special agents to utilize advanced policing, investigative, and crime scene processing equipment and technology. We are constantly searching for emerging technologies that will enhance current capabilities as well as those that will assist in development of future needs - to include operations in​ deployed environments.

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