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Corporate Opportunity

Contingency Basing Integration Technology Evaluation Center (CBITEC)

CBITEC is the Premier Integration Center for environmental protection, construction, water, waste, energy and force protection capabilities.

CBITEC will take the Contingency Basing to the next level in several different areas.
  • In physical space available to access new technologies and processes
  • In the number and size of evaluation participants and structures
  • In the integration of the new technologies and processes
  • By comprehensively looking at how all new and existing technologies integrate holistically and impact the Soldiers
  • By putting technologies into Soldier's hands early
  • By enhancing the ability to anticipate future Contingency Base and Integrated Base Defense needs and transitioning to Programs of Record
  • By facilitating moving directly from test/ evaluation to requirements definitions for the Joint/ Army investment

What's at Fort Leonard Wood

  • AR 5-22 Force Modernization Proponent for Base Camps DOTMLPF-P Integration
  • AR 5-22 Force Modernization Proponent for Protection DOTMLPF-P Intergration
  • Executive Agency for Joint Contingency Basing
  • Executive Agency for Environmental Integration
  • TRADOC Lead for two ASA (ALT) RDECOM Technology Enabled Capability Demonstration (FY 15-18) Force Basing Logistics & Sustainment and Force Basing Protection

CBITEC is designed to evaluate technologies for construction, environmental protction, operational energy and force protection capabilities in support of Army and Combatant Commander (COCOM) needs.
  • CBITEC allows industry the ability to assess/ evaluate their process or technology through an operational application in a military environment.
  • CBITEC provides the Joint Force the ability to gain knowledge on new technologies, and how they can apply to base camp challenges.
  • CBITEC facilitates industry interaction with military leadership for contingency basing

CBITEC is looking for capabilities to improve:
  • Water, waste, and energy usage in base camps
  • Construction techniques and materials
  • Protection of the force within a base camp
  • Environmental Protection

Contact Information

Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE)
MSCoE Capability Development & Integration Directorate (CDID)

14000 MSCOE Loop, Suite 104
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473